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Discover the tranquility of Lakeside Retreat & Event Center, your ideal venue for church or business events. Nestled by a serene lake and surrounded by picturesque grounds, Lakeside is the perfect setting for church retreats, men’s or women’s retreats, business conferences, and private events like weddings. We are a Christian retreat campus sensitive to spiritual events and retreats. This cozy retreat center offers a peaceful escape for relaxation, activities, prayer, and capturing beautiful moments. Bring your guests to experience the laid-back charm of the Southern outdoors at Lakeside Center, where every occasion becomes a special celebration. Not every conference center is sensitive to spiritual needs like Lakeside. 


Affordable Venue for Conferences, Retreats, and Events

Rooms as Low as $90/night

What Our Guests Say

Mitch Aldridge

I’ve done multiple events in the area, but the hospitality we were shown at Lakeside is unmatched! It’s a beautiful location with great food and a great staff. The rooms are clean and comfortable. I highly recommend Lakeside for your next event. We will be back!

Jessica Fuqua

Always a great location for events. The view is mesmerizing, especially at dawn and dusk. My favorite part was the food!! I had the top sirloin last time I attended an event, and it SMACKED! You could cut it like butter!!! Just perfect. I'm never disappointed with the catering or hospitality

Joshua Burns

The picturesque scenery of the grounds provides ample reflection of the beauty of God. A perfect place to practice the presence of God and enjoy His creation. Additionally, the staff are gregarious and passionate, living up to the core values of teen challenge.

Bradley Roth

There is a peace that envelops you from the moment you step onto the property. At first you think it's the beauty of the landscape, but the longer you stay the more you realize it's the Presence of God surrounding you. The men and women who steward this land are chosen by God to do so and the excellence in which we experience proved that. Everything from the rooms to the parking lot was spotless! All our needs were met above and beyond all we could ask. The Lord has certainly drawn the lines in pleasant places. Thank you all for such a wonderful experience. God bless!!!

Ezra Perez

Had a great time! Great service! Beautiful grounds!! Looking forward to coming again!! Fully recommend this for any conference!! Awesome service very friendly and welcoming!!

Amanda Taylor

We absolutely LOVED the charcuterie spread! Fantastic and very classy!

Carter Rucker

This is an inspiring retreat center where members of Teen Challenge Southeast Region come together to further their leadership training. It is beautiful and the atmosphere is very inviting. I immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit when I arrived. So glad I had the opportunity to attend this year’s summit!!

Columbus Women’s Home

The Lakeside staff is amazing and courteous and the food is delicious. The property is clean with a beautiful view over a lake and 2 ponds and is equipped for diverse events. We definitely come back.

Aleshia Weekley

What a gorgeous oasis with a strong presence of God! This place is unforgettable and my time spent here is the highlight of my year! The staff is so caring and have thought of everything to accommodate all of my needs!

Carla Allen

This place is so beautiful and the staff is amazing. What a godly atmosphere of servant good. Having a fabulous time at Leadership Summit. If you haven't visited, you simply must come here !

Matt Hamric

This is an amazing place where you can get away and experience the Lord it’s a beautiful place and I was blessed to experience it!!!

Richard Ciampa

The campus is great. The staff is great. Very clean facilities. Plenty of sunrise and sunset pictures to be taken and fun fishing as well.

Andrew Reeves

When you come to a place that is in Unity for Christ.... The Lord is absolutely going to show up and bless you. This is how it is here at Lakeside. This place is anointed and appointed by the Lord Almighty!

Austin McElroy

Excellent venue and staff! Rooms were clean and well managed, will definitely come back!

Andree Aiken

Great retreat to stay at! I love that the rooms are overlooking the lake and the food is great!

John Weaver

The staff always has the grounds looking amazing and they do everything in their power to meet every need.

Susie West

We enjoyed the serene atmosphere. The staff went above and beyond to make our retreat enjoyable.



About Lakeside Retreat & Event Center

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Explore the magical charm of Lakeside Retreat and Event Center, a perfect spot for special moments like weddings and receptions. Our beautiful grounds and peaceful lake make for amazing photos, giving guests a taste of nature's tranquility.

Step into our modern Conference Room, with top-notch amenities to elevate your event experience. Enjoy the brilliance of a professional-grade projector and 6×6 screen, a powerful PA system featuring a 24-channel soundboard and mixer, and a multimedia computer for seamless media display. With wireless and wired microphones, your communication will be crystal-clear, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your gathering.

Join us at Lakeside Retreat and Event Center and let our beautiful venue be the backdrop for moments you'll always remember.

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The Lakeside Retreat and Event Center, located near to Columbus, Georgia is tailored for religious or other special events. It is becoming increasingly popular for its ability to accommodate a variety of ceremonies and gatherings. The venue provides the necessary atmosphere and amenities for events like church retreats, religious conferences, youth camps, and faith-based weddings. When searching for the ideal location for a religious, family, community or personal event, think of Lakeside Retreat and Event Center, which offers a unique setting conducive to worship, reflection, and bonding. Our religious retreat and event center boasts serene landscapes, providing a peaceful environment for meditation, prayer, and spiritual workshops. Lakeside Retreat and Event Center is equipped with quiet spaces for contemplation, dining halls for communal meals, and lodging for multi-day retreats. We cater to specific needs such as silence for contemplative retreats or auditoriums for praise and worship sessions, making it a perfect for spiritual rejuvenation. For grander special events, such as Christian weddings, clubs, or large anniversary celebrations, Lakeside provides an elegant setting with ample space for guests, ornate decoration capabilities, on-site accommodations, and on-site catering services. Our conference center can accommodate small or large groups with hotel rooms, breakout rooms for smaller discussions, exhibit space for religious books and materials, and advanced sound and audio visual systems for speakers and musicians. Additionally, religious youth camps, intimate concerts, fundraising events, and spiritual workshops are often held in our special event center that offers both indoor and outdoor facilities. This includes adventure-based activities that foster team-building, alongside worship halls and study rooms for educational and devotional purposes. When organizing a religious event, look into the Lakeside Retreat and Event Center.  It not only provides the right facility, but also respects and understands the essence of the religious experience for an environment where religious traditions and celebrations can be fully expressed and experienced.