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A Partner With Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge Offers Hope for Men, Women, and Teens Facing Life-Controlling Issues

Christian Retreat CentersLakeside Retreat and Event Center, a leader of Christian retreat centers, is a partner of Teen Challenge. For over 60 years, Teen Challenge has been at the forefront of helping individuals break free from life-controlling issues, destructive behaviors, and harmful addictions. At Teen Challenge Southeast, we offer comprehensive programs designed to provide lasting solutions and support for people of all ages.

Teen Challenge’s Comprehensive Programs for Troubled Youth and Adults

With twenty-one locations across six states, Teen Challenge is dedicated to assisting troubled youth and adults in their journey toward a better life. Our specialized programs include six adolescent boarding schools tailored for boys and girls, addressing behavioral issues and academic challenges. Additionally, we offer fifteen long-term residential programs for adults, providing a powerful alternative to traditional addiction treatment.

Building Hope and Recovery
Teen Challenge’s Long-Term Residential Programs

At Teen Challenge, we understand that true recovery takes time and commitment. That’s why our residential programs for adults and teenagers are year-round and span 12-15 months. By providing a supportive environment and expert counseling, we guide individuals through overcoming addiction, destructive behaviors, and other life-controlling issues.

Healing from Within
Teen Challenge’s Faith-Based Approach to Addiction Recovery

Our Christian retreat center’s heart strongly emphasizes faith and spiritual growth. We believe that a solid relationship with God is foundational to lasting transformation. Through mentoring, counseling, and studying the Word of God, we help residents rebuild their lives from the inside out. Our experienced staff, many of whom have overcome similar challenges, provide invaluable support, while more advanced residents serve as mentors, strengthening the resolve of newcomers.

Restoring Lives, Restoring Faith
Teen Challenge Offers Counseling Services

In addition to our residential programs, Teen Challenge offers Hope Counseling, providing outpatient addiction and life recovery counseling. Our compassionate counselors work with individuals to address their underlying needs and guide them toward a life free from addiction and destructive behaviors.

Through the support of our community and donors, Teen Challenge can dedicate the time necessary to each individual, ensuring their journey towards lifelong sobriety and transformation. Join us in building a future filled with care, honesty, peace, happiness, and excitement for those seeking a fresh start.

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