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Retreat Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Exploring your best options for the ideal Christian conference center, Christian retreat, wedding event, or business event center near Murfreesboro, Tennessee?

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Known as one of the best spots in the area, Lakeside Retreat & Event Center is a top-notch place for Christian conferences, business events, and weddings—all without breaking the bank.

event center for rent In the quiet beauty of Seale, Alabama's hills, Lakeside Retreat & Event Center is a gem for Christian retreats, business conferences, and personal celebrations. The peaceful lake and grounds set the scene for women’s or men’s church retreats, business meetings, weddings, and more.

Tucked away in Seale, Lakeside is a standout Christian conference spot. The grounds and lake are perfect for hiking, activities, peaceful prayer, wedding photos, and more. It's a popular place with a great view of Mott Lake, making it a classy choice for weddings, youth retreats, and business events, especially for folks from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

For those at Lakeside's secluded spot, it's a welcoming haven for Christian conferences, providing a peaceful escape. Whether at a Christian retreat or a business event, Lakeside lets you enjoy the beautiful outdoors with options like white-water rafting and zip-lining.

event center for rentLakeside Retreat & Event Center offers great service and facilities for your business needs, all at a reasonable price.

We've got 48 affordable rooms for overnight stays, whether for a Christian retreat, business event, or wedding. From Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we have four handicap-accessible King bedrooms with bath/shower for $100 per night, 32 double Queen bedrooms at $90 each, and 9 Bunk rooms for $200 per room, each sleeping 8 people with 4 bunk beds.

Our place is fully furnished and equipped with modern technologies, making it stand out among the area's conference facilities. The business event center's conference room has a professional-grade projector, 6×6 screen, PA system with a 24-channel soundboard and mixer, multimedia computer, wireless and wired microphones, AV equipment, and internet access. Church retreats, weddings, and family gatherings from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, can also use this room with its professional equipment.

event center for rent

Our auditorium space can host 160 people at tables or up to 200 for conferences or business events. It has an electric fireplace and can be divided into two separate rooms. Plus, we have an outdoor dining area with seating for 96 people and 30 extra outdoor tables.

For smaller meetings, try our Café Hall, seating 10-12 people with a coffee bar, espresso bar, and various coffee options.

Enjoy our four outdoor seating areas with propane fireplaces, creating a cozy atmosphere long after the sun sets over Lake Mott. Lakeside isn't just a venue; it's an experience that makes your gatherings special.

Discover all the great features of our popular venue for daytime and overnight events. Connect with us now to reserve the perfect dates for your upcoming Christian retreat, wedding, business event, or church/family gathering in Murfreesboro, Tennessee!

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Murfreesboro is a city in and the county seat of Rutherford County, Tennessee, United States. The population was 108,755 according to the United States Census Bureau's 2010 U.S. Census, up from 68,816 residents certified during the 2000 census. The center of population of Tennessee is located in Murfreesboro. The city is part of the Nashville metropolitan area, which includes thirteen counties and a population of 1,666,566.

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The Lakeside Retreat and Event Center, located near to Columbus, Georgia is tailored for religious or other special events. It is becoming increasingly popular for its ability to accommodate a variety of ceremonies and gatherings. The venue provides the necessary atmosphere and amenities for events like church retreats, religious conferences, youth camps, and faith-based weddings. When searching for the ideal location for a religious, family, community or personal event, think of Lakeside Retreat and Event Center, which offers a unique setting conducive to worship, reflection, and bonding. Our religious retreat and event center boasts serene landscapes, providing a peaceful environment for meditation, prayer, and spiritual workshops. Lakeside Retreat and Event Center is equipped with quiet spaces for contemplation, dining halls for communal meals, and lodging for multi-day retreats. We cater to specific needs such as silence for contemplative retreats or auditoriums for praise and worship sessions, making it a perfect for spiritual rejuvenation. For grander special events, such as Christian weddings, clubs, or large anniversary celebrations, Lakeside provides an elegant setting with ample space for guests, ornate decoration capabilities, on-site accommodations, and on-site catering services. Our conference center can accommodate small or large groups with hotel rooms, breakout rooms for smaller discussions, exhibit space for religious books and materials, and advanced sound and audio visual systems for speakers and musicians. Additionally, religious youth camps, intimate concerts, fundraising events, and spiritual workshops are often held in our special event center that offers both indoor and outdoor facilities. This includes adventure-based activities that foster team-building, alongside worship halls and study rooms for educational and devotional purposes. When organizing a religious event, look into the Lakeside Retreat and Event Center.  It not only provides the right facility, but also respects and understands the essence of the religious experience for an environment where religious traditions and celebrations can be fully expressed and experienced.